For all programs (All-Rounder, Senior Student, and Athlete), we offer the choice of either small group or one-on-one sessions. All sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Students are able to transfer between group and one-on-one sessions should their needs change.






Our core program offering. Designed to appeal to all students of all interests. In short, we use the H3 approach to encourage the development of a ‘fully functioning person’. This could relate to current events in their lives such as academics, sporting, musical or co-curricular endeavours or simply day-to-day social stressors. Our goal is to provide mental rehearsal, physical training and breathing techniques that will serve the student both in the short and long term.


"Did you know: a study found that self-discipline, not self-esteem, is actually more useful than IQ as a predictor of all-round high school performance"

 - Seligman and Duckworth 


A specialised program building on the principles of our ‘All Rounder’ program but with a specific focus on Year 11 and Year 12 performance. This is not academic tutoring, but rather a program teaching Senior Students how to use the H3 approach to improve focus, find motivation and develop a resilient mindset. To combat the stress of Year 11 and 12, we provide students with mental, physical and breathing training so that they may learn to thrive in such an environment.


"Feeling = Function"

 - Dr. Jerry Lynch


A specialised program for the sports-focused student designed to improve sporting performance through the H3 approach. This program is not sports-specific to the extent that the program differs greatly between a football player and hockey player, for example. It is about combining the visualisation practices of the world’s top sports people with general physical preparedness training so that the athlete may excel in any or all sports. Designed to complement any sports-specific training with their school or sporting club. The mantra here is of Ross Edgley, “Be general in your foundations, so that you can be specific with your goals’.


"Did you know: in the 2018 NFL Draft, 29 out of 32 First Round Picks were multi-sport athletes in high school."


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