H3 is standing on the shoulders of giants. It is a fusion of world’s best practice in three critical areas of human development: from thinking to doing to being.

  • Head: Mental rehearsal techniques used across a variety of professional and college sports.

  • Hands: Physical training programming from over a decade in the health and fitness industry.

  • Heart: Meditation, breathing and reflection tools acquired from a variety of sporting and non-sporting specialists.


Whilst these practices may reap short-term physical benefits, the purpose of H3 is to instil training that will be useful to our student-athletes in any future endeavour. In the spirit of the great coach, Amos Alonzo Stagg, our focus is their development over the next 20 years, not 20 days.






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All of our sessions begin with mental rehearsal practices adopted from professional sports teams and their psychologists (see, The H3 Journey). The goal of this part of the session is to quiet the mind, introduce new knowledge and then personalise it. This part of the session teaches our student-athletes to take advantage of their own neuroplasticity, ‘pruning’ unhelpful neuropathways and ‘sprouting’ more helpful ones.

"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists"

 - Eric Hoffer 



We believe physical training is valuable both for its strength and conditioning benefits, but also in teaching the body what the mind has intellectually learned in the previous section. During this time, we utilise the limbic brain to signal the body to record the learning event chemically. This is ‘how the body learns’. Programming here is focused on the key principles of fitness. Due to their principled nature, they are applicable to all athletes regardless of any specific sporting focus.


"Within your physical routines you act with integrity: you do the workouts and you're narrowing the gap between what you say and what you do"

 - Dr Jerry Lynch 



Successful alignment of the ‘Head and Hands’ can be further maximised through breathing, meditation and reflection. This is the purpose of our ‘Heart’ section. Here we are utilising the cerebellum to store positive alignments for future associations. In simpler terms, we are building an encyclopaedia of productive experiences within the student-athletes’ mind. We choose to say ‘productive’ as opposed to ‘winning’ or ‘successful’ because our aim is improvement which inherently requires failure. 


"If you know the art of breathing,you have the strength, courage and wisdom of ten tigers"

 - Asian adage 


Beyond the sessions conducted with H3, we provide all of our student-athletes with an admin-monitored online community of their peers. Weekly content is provided by H3 outside of sessions that is designed to assist with their meditation, visualisation and reflection. This is done across 4 key content areas where the student-athlete considers their own intention, preparation, integration and transformation.


We believe in the philosophy of ‘each one, teach one’. As such, every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher. This online community is not designed to provide additional ‘homework’ but rather create a support network through structured reflection.

"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures"

 - F. Matthias Alexander


James Drury is a business owner, mentor and international presenter within the health and fitness industry.


Formerly, James was General Manager and Head of Operations of Australia’s largest personal training company, Vision Personal Training Franchises Australia and New Zealand.  James also owned one of the franchises in the Vision Personal Training group, Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction. During his tenure he was awarded both:

  • Head Office Employee of the Year

  • Network MVP of the Year (Franchisee peer-voted)


James is a published contributor across various media outlets in the health and fitness landscape. He has presented to groups across Australia, New Zealand, China and the United States. Of particular note, James was asked to present on behalf of IHRSA (the fitness industry’s global body) at the 2015 IHRSA/ChinaFit Management Forum in Zhengzhou City, China. http://www.chinafit.com/zhuanti/2015CICMF/Speakers.htm


In 2020, James is expanding his reach after recognizing the importance of forming a powerful and resilient self-identity in the younger years. This has been a long-standing passion for James after working for 6 years at two of Sydney’s top private schools prior to his corporate career.

As part of this work, James was recently invited to study with sports psychologist Dr. Jerry Lynch at Boulder, Colorado alongside coaches from USA Swimming, USA Ski Team and various other college sporting programs. Dr. Lynch is well-known for his work with the Golden State Warriors and their coach, Steve Kerr. Jerry has also worked with athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Vijay Singh, and coaches such as Phil Jackson (LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls).

James has been engaged by businesses, sporting clubs, and schools to coach various groups on topics such as,

  • The Psychology Behind Coaching the World’s Best Athletes (targeted at PT’s, coaches, teachers, parents)

  • Dr Lynch’s R.I.V.E.R: 5 principles of the World’s Top Coaches for success in sports and life (targeted at everyone)



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